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Remove your scrap carAnother option is selling your scrap car. This is by far the most popular option and it is done to the highest bidder. There are many junk car removal companies in and around Toronto and this means you can choose the one with the highest price. These junk car removal companies then use the cars for parts, for scrap metal or for other purposes. An alternative to this is selling your car to a scrapyard. There are many scrapyards in and around Toronto and they are basically involved in the dismantling of scrap cars for parts and for scrap metal. The remaining parts are then compressed under heavy compressors for ease of storage. Most junk car removal companies and scrapyards provide free removal services. If no one offers to buy your scrap car, you could always take it to a scrap yard. If your car is a classic, you could sell it to a collector. Car collectors and enthusiasts take such cars, repair them and then sell them for a profit or use them for their purposes. If you are a car enthusiast yourself, you could renovate the car and then sell it or use it for yourself. You could remove parts that are still working, sell them and take the rest of the car to a junk yard.

You could join a government scrappage scheme. The Canadian government has a scrappage scheme whereby you trade in your car for a voucher or for a newer model. This is advantageous to the motor vehicle industry since it leads to greater sales, to the environment since it removes old cars from the roads, to car owners since it gives them newer cars, and to the Canadian government since it leads to more taxes. You could get rid of scrap cars by trading them in. However, this is only possible if your car is still running considerably well. You could trade in your scrap cars. There are many companies offering trade-ins, but your car needs to be running properly for this. This is a popular option for those who are looking for new cars because it reduces the amount of money they have to spend on the new cars.